Top The Princess And The Pea Quizzes & Trivia

Would you know if you were sleeping atop something? Could you feel if a large object was placed under your mattress? More than likely. Could you feel if the object was a small one? Not necessarily. Would you feel something as small as a pea? Many would argue that they would not, but that is not the case in The Princess and the Pea.

This book follows a princess who is trying to sleep but cannot due to the fact that there is a pea beneath her mattress. In an attempt to cover the feeling of the pea, she stacks mattresses on top of mattresses on top of more mattresses, but it seems that she can continually feel this pea beneath her as she tries to sleep. If you know how this story ends, and are a fan of other fables similar to it, then take one of our many online quizzes and see how well you do. 

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