The Hitchhiker Quizzes & Trivia

The Hitchhiker was an HBO original series that ran from 1983 to 1987. In each episode, the “Hitchhiker” would introduce a new mystery, and the mystery would unravel throughout the episode. Like the Twilight Zone, each episode of The Hitchhiker was a new mystery with little continuity except for the Hitchhiker.Did you know that after its initial run on HBO,

The Hitchhiker was picked up by USA until 1991? The Hitchhiker was one of HBO’s first original dramas, a genre which they have since excelled in. For those that fondly remember HBO’s The Hitchhiker, our quizzes are the perfect way to relive these dark and thrilling mysteries. Take a quiz now!

Are you among the group of people who have had the chance to read the hitchhiker story by Roald dahl? This book is quite an interesting read that shows how interesting people can be. How about you take up the quiz below and get...

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    What kind of car does the narrator drive?


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    What does Adams do to show that he is sane?