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The Glass Castle Questions and Answers

  • In Battle Mountain, Jeannette starts what kind of a collection?
    The glass castle question from

  • What lesson did Dad teach Jeannette at the Hot Pot?
    The glass castle question from

  • Mom and Dad get in a bad fight in Battle Mountain.  Rose Mary is sick of Rex's dreams, illusions, and empty promises.  How does this argument end up?
    The glass castle question from

  • What City is Jeanette living in when she begins this book?
    The glass castle question from

  • What did Jeanettes mother do with the duck sauce and the hot-and-spicy mustard?
    The glass castle question from

  • Jeanette names several reasons she would like to stay in the hospital forever.  Which reason below is NOT one of those reasons?
    The glass castle question from

  • Where did Jeannette live when she met Billy?
    The glass castle question from

  • What hapened to Jeannette in the beginning of he novel, in the trailer park when she was cooking hot dogs in her favorite dress?
    The glass castle question from

  • What did Jeannettes mother, Rose Mary, do?
    The glass castle question from

  • Waiting outside of the Bar None Bar on their way to Las Vegas, Jeannette, age four, and Lori, age seven, discuss
    The glass castle question from

  • When their parents return from the bar, they bring the girls treats.  What happened to Jeannette's candy bar?
    The glass castle question from

  • The stated purpose to go to Las Vegas was so that
    The glass castle question from

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