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  • What is the difference between Series and Sequence?
    What is the difference between Series and Sequence?
    In math, you may hear and use the terms “series” and “sequence” often. This is because you may have to apply your knowledge of these terms to the directions that are given on a test or within a word problem. If the student does not know these terms, they may commit errors in working the math problems. If you see a sequence of numbers, you will see a set of numbers that are placed one after the other. They are usually ordered in a certain pattern. You typically see sequences in geometry and arithmetic. A series of numbers uses the sequence of numbers, but it only becomes a series when the names in the course are added up.

  • What is the difference between Yankees and Mets?
    What is the difference between Yankees and Mets?
    It seems that the rivalry or the Yankees and Mets has gone on for a long time. The Mets and Yankees are both from New York, so it is widely assumed that their fans are also mostly from New York. There are more Yankees fans as compared to Mets fans. According to some statistics, the fans of the Mets are those who are from the Upper East Side while those who are fond of the Yankees are from the Bronx, Manhattan, and Connecticut. The Yankees players are usually clean-shaven while the Mets typically have beards. The Mets also have a mascot while the Yankees do not have a mascot.

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