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This lesson and quiz will assist you in understanding more about seizure disorders.

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    Seizures occur in approximately what percentage of children

This is a quiz to check for understanding from the Search and Seizure presentation.

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    What is not an example of contraband?

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    In the United States ____________________ people have epilepsy right now.

BLET Constitutional law quest.Take ONLY after reading Arrest Search and Seiure!! 

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    Which amendment protects a civilian from unreasonable searches.

Epileptic seizure is a health condition characterized by uncontrolled jerking movement and finally a momentary loss of self-awareness. It is caused by excessive neuronal activity in the brain. Gauge what you know on the types...

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Seizure Questions & Answers

Which statement should you intervene? A nursing student is teaching a patient and family about epilepsy prior to the patient’s discharge.
€It’s OK to take over-the-counter medications.”A patient with a seizure disorder should not take over-the-counter medications without consulting with the physician first. The other three statements are appropriate teaching points for patients w
How soon can the nurse administer the second dose of diazepam, if needed and prescribed? Shortly after admission to an acute care facility, a male client with a seizure disorder develops status...
1. in 10 to 15 minutes-when used to treat status epilepticus, diazepam may be given every 10 to 15 minutes, as needed, to a maximum dose of 30 mg. the nurse can repeat the regimen in 2 to 4 hours, if necessary, but the total dose shouldnt exceed 100
A male client is having a tonic-clonic seizures. What should the nurse do first?
Take measures to prevent injury.Protecting the client from injury is the immediate priority during a seizure. Elevating the head of the bed would have no effect on the clients condition or safety. Restraining the clients arms and legs could cause inj
Nurse Becky is caring for client who begins to experience seizure while in bed. Which action should the nurse implement to prevent aspiration?
Position the client on the side with head flexed forwardPositioning the client on one side with head flexed forward allows the tongue to fall forward and facilitates drainage secretions therefore prevents aspiration.
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