Ryan Eggold Quizzes & Trivia

Teen dramas don't come much more dramatic than 90210 and one of the real stars of the show was Ryan Eggold. A talented young actor, it wasn't just his dashing good lucks that won him millions of fans, although of course his looks didn't do him any harm either. Ryan has since gone on to carve out a successful career for himself, and if you've followed it with interest every step of the way you should test your knowledge by taking our Ryan Eggold quizzes.

Can you name the state that Ryan Eggold was born in, and in which year? When did Ryan first appear in crime drama The Blacklist? In which series did he play Farber Kauffman? Good luck, I can see you're a keen fan of the man who plays Tom Keen.

Are you aware of who the sexy actor Ryan Eggold is? Have you followed his career, watched his films and appearances in tv shows? If you'd like to know about this hunk, or score yourself on how much you already know, take this...

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    Ryan is well known for his role on the CW's teen drama series called what?

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    What is my nickname?

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    What is my favorite sport?

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    Which teacher has lived in Zaire, England and France?

Find out exactly how well you know me.

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    Where did I use to live?