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LONG LIVE QUEEN ROSIE! The cheer that never happened. At least not yet. Princess Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore is about to become queen when on her rehearsal night, their small ountry of was invaded by an evil dictator. She was uccessfully hidden under the wings of the Princess Protection Program. But who was captured instead? What would happen now to the princess when it seems she lost trust and confidence on everyone around her?

This 2009 Disney Channel Original Movie has acquired all praises with its delightful and pleasant scenes. No reason for you not to enjoy this flick. The film won the 2009 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Summer Movie. So many twists and turns ensued along the way to her crown. If you’re an avid fan of teen-age life stories, real or fantasy, you will adore this film. Your Highness, you can now answer our quizzes.

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How well do you know the disney channel original movie "Princess Protection Program?" Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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    Which actress plays Carter Mason?

This quiz is about what per are you from ppp

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    Are you mean nice or cute