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An Irish poet and writer, Oscar Wilde wrote and produced nine plays all on his own, lending him the reputation as one of the most notable playwrights of the Victorian Era. He was born with three middle names and his mother was also a writer! Are you “Wilde” about Oscar and his works? Find out with our quizzes!

Oscar Wilde is praised as a writer, but did you know that he only published one novel? The rest of his works were either plays, short children’s stories or poems. Oscar Wilde is best known for his play “The Importance of Being Earnest.” What else do you know about this prestigious writer? Embark on a journey through Wilde’s artistic style of writing with our Oscar Wilde quizzes!

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    The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde promotes what virtue?

Some aphorisms of Oscar Wilde in The importance of being Earnest.

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    No gentleman ever takes ________________.

See if you can master three of the most famous of Oscar Wilde's fairy tales!

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    Oscar Wilde's fairy tales were written for his children, but are in fact for adults.

One of the stories by Oscar Wilde

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    Where does the action take place?

Wilde Oscar was an Irish poet and playwright who became one of London`s most popular playwrights. you think you know him, attempt this quiz.

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    Wilde became known for his involvement in the rising philosophy of what?

Oscar Wilde Questions & Answers

Why did the swallow stay with the Happy Prince?
Correct answer is option D. In the story, Swallow is on his way to Egypt before he stops to spend the night at the City, and that is where he meets the happy prince. The prince begs the swallow to stay with him for one night and act as his messenger
The prince gave his ruby to the woman whose son is sick.
Truebecause the seamstress has a little boy who was sick (has a fever )
What is the hidden social criticism in The Happy Prince?
The fact that the prince was sheltered from unhapinness when he was alive The fact that cruel children threw stones to the swallow The fact that upper classes have no feelings for working people, like the seamstress The fact that the Town s leaders o