Night Of The Twisters Quizzes & Trivia

This movie is about a family’s struggle to survive a horrible night of fear with the passing of a storm and feeling the wrath of a tornado. It’s frustrating to think that disasters like this has to happen before old family grudges are patched up. In this story, what’s wrong with the father and son relations? What started their grudge?

The movie cast fit their roles to a T. You can feel their anger, their fear and their love for each other. When tornadoes hit them, the basement is their refuge. Who helped Dan, Ryan and Arthur get out of the basement? How do you think their family was able to surpass the series of tornadoes? How are twisters formed? The film reminds that nothing is more important than life. If you have seen this flick, do answer our quizzes. You’ll surely enjoy it.

Do your best.  You may use your book. 

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is not a main character?

Night of the Twisters is an action and drama movie acted and directed in Canada and is based on the story of tornado survival. Have you read it? The quiz below has questions to jog your mind on it.

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following best describes Dan Hatch?

Who said this?

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    "It's not always easy having a baby in the house, is it?