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Have your eyes been wide shut or have you paid attention to the Practical Magic of this elegant redhead? Nicole Kidman’s acting career has taken her Far and Away from her Australian roots – follow The Golden Compass through this actress’s life and iconic characters with these fascinating quizzes.

She’s the sparkling diamond of The Moulin Rouge, a Bruce Wayne love interest and a robotic Stepford Wife. Do you know what film Nicole and her first hubby Tom Cruise first met on? Do you know what city this esteemed Australian import was born in? Follow the life, portrayals and philanthropy of this famous actress. No need for an Interpreter, go down The Rabbit Hole with the beautiful Nicole Kidman.

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Nicole Kidman. By taking this quiz!

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    In which of these movies did Nicole Kidman star?

Reading: Nicole Kidman New Hollywood Royalty

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    When you make a breakthrough, you experience a sudden ___________________. 

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