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Hopping mad, mad as a hatter, mad for it; there sure are a lot of everyday expressions that feature the word 'mad'. It can have several different meanings and is an important term when it comes to assessing human behavior and psychology. Is a person mad, as in angry, or mad as in of unsound mind? That's a question that our justice systems often have to deal with.

We have questions of a very different kind waiting for you, all about famous uses of the word mad or people who were a little mad themselves. Do you know who first coined the phrase, 'don't get mad get even'? In which decade did the much loved MAD comic books appear? The Mad Hatter is a character in which classic book? You don't have to be mad to answer our questions but it helps.
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Do you get mad over the littlest things? Should you be more level headed? This quiz is designed to test just how mad you are.

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    It is ten minutes past the time that you were supposed to get your break and you see that your manager let another employee go that got into work after you. What is your reaction?


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    First of all........did you ever chew paper?

See if you can get 100%             

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    Which one?

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What do you say to your husband as you walk out the door?
I`m 10 years old I`m 2 young My name is t.v. ed I hate you. get out of my life and HOUSE i love you too