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  •  You need to enter a new customer on to Sage, how do you do this?
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  • You are asked to enter some new capital into your business, which module will you do this in?
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  • What nominal code range are Sales normally in?
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  • რომელი მწვერვალია ყოფილი კომუნიზმის პიკი ?

  • რომელ მდინარეზეა ქალაქი, რომლის ეპითეტია აღმოსავლეთის პარიზი ?

  • რომელ ქვეყანაში აღინიშნება საკურას ყვავილობის დღესასწაული ?

  • Which graph could be used to represent the height of a ball thrown straight up into the air versus time?
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  • Which situation could be represented by this graph?   
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  • Lou is walking at a constant speed on a trail when it begins to rain, so he speeds up and runs the rest of the way to his car at a constant speed.  Which graph could represent this situation?
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