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Planning to get that driver’s license? Or planning to renew it sometime soon? Whatever the case may be, you need to pass the Driver’s License Test in order to do that. But wait! Don’t get too confident! Even seasoned drivers have a difficulty in passing this test. Don’t get too scared, either! This is what we’re here for! We have different set of quizzes to help you prepare for the test to get that most coveted driver’s license! Make sure you’ve reviewed your manual and you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules of the road!

Look for your driving force, and proceed to our quizzes! Do the best that you can, and remember that after taking our quizzes, you’ll be in the driver’s seat!

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  • The purpose of using deadly force is to?

  • If you are licensed to carry a handgun, you:

  • Before using deadly force, the following element (s) need to be considered except?

  • What dollar amount of insurance coverage is a PPO required to have if he/she wants to work armed?

  • How must a PPO's vehicle be marked if it has an amber lightbar on it?

  • What training must a PPO obtain if he/she wants to carry tear gas or other chemical spray?

  • For registration purposes, the insurance policy cannot substitute for the insurance confirmation card as proof of automobile insurance under German law and U.S. Forces regulations. (para 33e(3))

  • License plates issued to drivers by the Registry of Motor Vehicles automatically become the driver’s property. (para 33c(1)(a))

  • The driver of a registered motor vehicle is required to observe which of the following with respect to U.S. Forces POV license plates? (paras 33c(1)(d) and 33c(2)(b))

  • When planning either Holidays or Admin days which diary would you use to record these in?
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  • After a customer call or event what is the maximum number of days that you have to submit this event?
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  • A call must be recorded against a......
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