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Society’s watch dog and the forth power in state, journalism takes a various numbers of diverse forms across countries and time. And so does the job of a journalist. “What are the basic roles of a journalist?”, “What are the boundaries of journalistic freedom, and who were those who defined them?”

“How has the Internet influenced and altered this profession?”, and “Are paparazzi in fact journalists, or not?” are all questions that must be prompted in today’s ever-changing society.

Find out how has this profession evolved, and if it is still needed in a world where everybody can record information, and share their view on it. Assume the role of both reporter and subject, and answer the quizzes on journalist to find out if you can ‘take the heat’!

This exam will be about John Howard Griffin's journey through the deep south

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    What is the title of the book

Bill O’Reilly has been around the block for many decades, being one of the first broadcasters in the United States to cover the historic dismantling of the Berlin Wall, and hosting a show on the same television network for...

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    For what American news channel did Bill O'Reilly host 'The O'Reilly Factor' from 1996 to 2017?

You might be an avid fan of his take on current affairs and politics as seen on his podcast No Spin News, or perhaps you’ve seen his work on the likes of Inside Edition or The O’Reilly Factor. Regardless of how you...

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    In which of the following Marvel Cinematic Universe films did Bill O'Reilly make a cameo appearance?

Journalist Questions & Answers

Why were Reuters journalists detained in Myanmar?
Two Reuters journalists have been detained in Myanmar for alleged breach of classified information claims the Myanmar military. The UN, Reuters are doing the required process in order to secure their release.
When did Herb Caen die?
Born Herbert Eugene Caen on April 03, 1916 in Sacramento, California, he was best known as Herb Caen, a San Francisco journalist who published different gossip, social and political happenings and anecdotes in the San Francisco Chronicle for more or