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    Who shot the arrows at Marlow and the crew?

You should definitely give this interesting set of questions a try in order to test or gain information on the Heart of Darkness book.

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    Who was the protagonist?

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    Describe Kurtz's managerial style.

Heart of Darkness is a novella by Polish-British novelist, about a voyage up the Congo River into the Congo Free State, in the heart of Africa.

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    Who is the author of the story?

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Heart Of Darkness Questions & Answers

What does this mean? Marlow says, “There was nothing either above or below [Kurt….He had kicked himself loose of the earth.”
In Heart of Darkness, there is a crucial character called Kurtz. This was a novel written by Joseph Conrad. Kurtz was described as a man who traded ivory in Africa. He would most likely be considered to be the antagonist because he goes against the p
Who meets them at the station when they arrive?
The more accurate answer would be the Russian Trader, he is not named as Kurtz's assistant.
Why does Marlow fight to keep Kurtz's effects (letters) from the company?
He feels they will destroy Kurtz s reputation.
What irony is present in Marlow's meeting with Kurtz?
Kurtz is on a stretcher, yet he commands the native audience.