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Super hero films are a staple diet of our movie theaters today, but few have had the impact of Guardians Of The Galaxy. These super heroes don't just have magical powers; they have powers that are literally out of this world. Can the team escape with their precious stolen cargo, or will galactic justice finally catch up with them?

If you love anything and everything connected with the Marvel universe, then you're going to have lots of fun playing our Guardians Of The Galaxy quizzes. How many Marvel superhero films were released before Guardians Of The Galaxy? How many movies grossed more money at the American box office than Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014? Let's see if you can guard your reputation for quiz success.
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Are you funny and brave like Peter Quill (Star-Lord)? Or are you caring and loving like Groot? Take this quiz to find out which "Guardians of the Galaxy" character you are!

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