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Guardians Of Gahoole Questions and Answers

  • what do you think of.......................................
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • What is your favrite thing to do?
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • What is the best coulor combination?
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • Kathryn Lasky only intended on writing six books.
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • Lasky wrote only 12 books.
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • Soren fell out of his nest while trying to fly.
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • What is your favorite color?
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • If you were an owl what would you do at the Great Tree?
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • When it comes to friends you......
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • At "St. Aggies" Soren gets sent to the:
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • Mrs. P is a 
    Guardians of gahoole question from

  • Soren is afraid of being "moon blinked" at the orphanage.  Moon Blinking is most like:
    Guardians of gahoole question from

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