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    The chemical symbol for gold is

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    The purity of gold is measured in carats.  A British sovereign coin is....

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    When gold is mined it is found in nuggets.


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    Literary Response and AnalysisOne of the subplots in this story deals mainly with...

If out if u are gold or silver     and leave a commont after to plz  :)

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    Do you have alot of money with you....


Gold Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Karat and Carat?
Both are measurements used to demonstrate the value of the jewelry. Carat is the weight of diamonds and other precious stones, while a karat is the measurement of the purity of precious metals, namely gold. The purity of gold can be ranked from 1-24.
What is the difference between Gold and Gold Plated?
It is essential to know the difference between gold and gold-plated, especially when buying jewelry. You might encounter someone selling you gold jewelry, costing an arm and a leg, but upon checking, its value is only a quarter of the selling price b
What is the difference between Gold and Rose Gold?
It is obvious the colors of these two are different from each other. Gold is obviously made from the mineral gold but rose gold is created by adding gold to copper. There are some people who do not care that the gold has been mixed in with copper mai
What is the difference between Gold and Silver Tequila?
For a lot of tequila lovers, all types of tequila are good but for those who are just starting to know more about tequila for the first time, it is ideal that you get to know more details about them soon. The gold tequila is usually stored in barrels
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