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Test your knowledge of geopolitics by correctly connecting these world leaders to the countries they lead. Please note that some nations have more than one leader (perhaps both a president and prime minister). In those cases...

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    Angela Merkel

This quiz is a brief survey of geopolitical awareness to help keep you up to date on the current world situation.  The winner, who has the most correct answers in the shortest time, wins a $25 gift card!  Have fun!

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    While the Palestinian authority governs the West Bank, this group, which is on the US terrorism watch list, Governs the Gaza strip

Take this quiz and get to know a few things that developed in the world due to the repercussions of the cold war. The developments that led to the creation of the divided globe or he bipolar world. Go ahead and answer as many...

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    Which country below was NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council in 1945 (at its formation)?

Here's the second installment in our Geopolitical awareness series.  The winner is the participant with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time.  This is due by 2359 EST on 29 May.  Good Luck!

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    A former bus driver and labor leader, this current president of  Venezuela is the hand picked succesor of Hugo Chavez

Get ready for another fabulous whirlwind world tour of facts in our monthly quiz!  The winner will recieve a $25 gift card.  Good Luck! 

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    Currently being held in a secret location by the military, the deposed President of this country recently met with  EU foreign affairs chief Anne Hathaway

Geopolitics Questions & Answers

What were the series of events that lead to the invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish forces in 1974?
In the summer of 1974, country of Turkey and its military forces invaded the small island of Cyprus. This was due to several events that took place about five days before the invasion. It was called the Cypriot coup d’etat. All of this had to d
What really lead to the rise of the Third Reich?
Two parts led to the rise to the Third Reich. First, the Third Reich was the group from Germany that was a part of World War II. The Third Reich was part of the Nazis. During World War I, Germany struggled and when the war was over, Germans were in p
Is there any difference between Geo-politics and Geo-strategy?
Politics can be influenced by many factors including economics, demographics and geography. There is a term to explain this influence on politics and it is called geopolitics. There are some examples of geopolitics and they are the way geographical f
Is a "closed Europe" possible?
There is a possibility that many countries may close their borders. Some of these countries are in Europe. Over time, women have become raped by people who are entering into a country without going through any channels. Some of these people are immig