Top Frog And Toad Are Friends Quizzes & Trivia

FRIENDSHIP, LOYALTY AND LOVE, these are among the important messages of the book, Frog and Toad are Friends causing it to be one of the books every parent would want their children to read. Would you believe that a simple children’s book was the recipient of Caldecott Honor Award? It was even one of the Top 100 picture books of all time of a popular journal.

Being the best buddies, one was always there for each other. The story gives us a nostalgic feeling, back to our younger years when once in our lifetime we also had a friend who stood by us come hell or high waters. In one of the stories, who helped the toad find his button? One lazy morning, how was the frog able to let the toad get up in bed? If you think you know a lot about it, answer our quizzes.

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