Four Brothers Quizzes & Trivia

Four Brothers is a fast paced, intelligently scripted, action movie that packs an emotional punch. It concerns four adopted brothers who try to bring to justice the person, or people, responsible for their mother's death. Based upon a classic Western, it contains elements of that genre, such as good versus evil, family disputes, and whether might is always right. It's a movie that sticks in the memory, so see how much you recall by taking our Four Brothers quizzes.

Can you remember the surname shared by the four brothers? Which Western movie was the inspiration for the film? Only three brothers survive, who pays the ultimate price? Oh brother, it's time to see if you can provide the answers to our fun yet challenging questions? 

Which of the Mercer Brothers are you?Bobby- the hard and mean one.Jerry- the hard-working, likeable one.Angel- the streetwise one.Jack- the tough, but sensitive and abused one.

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  • Sample Question
    What color are you?

It's a quiz about the Four Brothers (2005).

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    What 2005 action movie did John Singleton direct?