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Fallen is a 1998 fantasy crime thriller starring action star Denzel Washington. While the film begins as a typical crime movie, Fallen takes a considerable twist turn when it is revealed that a demon is possessing serial killers. It’s up to Denzel Washington to track down the demon/killer. Do you know the name of this evil demon possessing people?
Did you know that Fallen was a box office bomb, not earning back its $30 million budget? No matter its perceived failure, this classic 90’s crime film is great for lazy Saturdays. Test your knowledge of Fallen by taking part in one of our Fallen quizzes now!

Fallen is an American movie that tells the story of Lucinda popularly known as Luce, who is sent to a school for troubled young teens. While there, she meets different characters who are mostly fallen angels and help to shape her...

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    How Popular are you? 

Fallen- by Lauren Kate

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    What is the main characters nickname?

Fallen is an American romantic movie directed by Scott Hicks. It features a little teen girl who finds herself in a reform school after therapy since she was accused of causing the death of a young boy. At the new school, she...

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    In which month was the movie released in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia? 

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