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Time – 25 minutes(includes reading the directions)This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. There are two types of questions in this section,...

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    The Burmese believe that albino elephants_____sacred.

Complete the following sentences by choosing the best answer!

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    They ... like taking a bath.

Quiz created by...  

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    I have to ___ a telephone call.

Simplifying Exponents and Algebraic Expressions with Exponents Quiz Algebra I

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    Which choice represents the expression below as a single exponential expression? 65 * 63

General Instructions: Please indicate your complete name before answering the test. The passing score is 100% but you can retake the test up to five times. 

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Expression Questions & Answers

Is the following statement true or false? The Multiplication Law of Exponents says that for any numbers b, n, and m, bn * bm = bn + m.
Math consists of rules and laws that enable mathematicians to solve complex problems. According to the law of exponents, the numbers b, n and m, the rule holds true. The rule is bm= bn + m. students need to follow it when solving complex equations in
What is factorization of the expression 14aq + 7q - 21wq?
7q(2a + 7 - 3w) 7q(2a+7-3w) 7q(2a +7 -3w) 7q(2a+ 7- 3w) 7q(2a +7 - 3w)
3x^4z^5 / 2y^5
Which of the following expressions does not belong to a suggestion?
B. have you considered taking that job-offer?