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    Does Vegeta ever ascend to Super Saiyan 3?

A Quiz on DragonBall!!

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 478   |  Last updated: Nov 23, 2016
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    When Goku first met Bulma he was___.

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 199   |  Last updated: Dec 21, 2020
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    Which hero kills Frieza?

Questions: 4  |  Attempts: 346   |  Last updated: Dec 31, 2012
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    What is your Favorite Color?

Goku is a fictional character and the protagonist of a famous Japanese game named Dragon Ball manga. Since his appearance on games, he has been playing roles which shows his ability and how he related to his family. Goku was born...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 282   |  Last updated: May 10, 2019
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    Which of these series is Goku its protagonist?


Dragon Ball Questions & Answers

Who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z character?
My favorite Dragon Ball Z character Vegeta because he the very last surviving prince of the Saiyan people. He is from the fourth generation that stems from the royal bloodline so he is very important. He is close to his partner Nappa. They travel t
Who is the worst villain in the Dragon Ball series?
The very worst villain in Dragon Ball Z is Jiren, or at least I think so. He is the strongest villain, for sure. Vegeta and Goku even have trouble with Jiren. Jiren is just way too strong. He is the one that everyone fears. and the final showdown r
Who is the best villain in the Dragon Ball Series?
The best villain in my opinion is Jiren. He is the strongest which makes him the most feared. I mean, you can be bad but not big enough to back it. I would fear Jiren the most out of anyone. He is big and also strong and those 2 things make for a p
Who is the strongest Super Saiyan?
The strongest super Saiyan is Goku, in my opinion. His very first transformation into a Super Saiyan makes for him a pivotal point and a turning point for the entire Dragon Ball series as a whole. It was after his hair turned blonde thought that he w
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