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Do you love taking pictures with your smartphone or digital camera? This type of photography is called digital photography and it doesn't use film but rather images saved in memory. With the rise of the digital camera, the old way of taking pictures and developing film has practically disappeared.
Can you guess when the first digital camera was invented? Do you know how the resolution of a digital image is determine? Through pixels! At their peak, digital cameras sold 11 million in one month. Now, with smartphones capable of taking quality pictures, digital cameras sell less than 3 million a month. If you're a true photographer at heart, expose yourself to our digital photography quizzes!
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Please take quiz after reviewing lesson one, lesson two, and completing practice quiz.

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    Macro photography is...

The following is the final exam for digital photography students. Please print score page when completed, as no print out means no grade. Good luck!

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    What is the main difference between photographs and snapshots?

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    Which is a memory device used with digital cameras?

This is the computer-based portion of the online exam.

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    What is the Greek Word for light?

This quiz will assess your knowledge of digital photography terms and definitions.

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    In photograhy, this mode refers to the way in which a camera determines the exposure. 

Digital Photography Questions & Answers

Does a memory card store image until you can transfer to computer?
We can store the images after the transfer of the images.....
What controls how blurry or clear a photograph will be?
How blurry or clear a photograph will be depends on the aperture of the lens. The aperture of the lens controls the amount of light that enters the lens and falls on the image sensor through a mirror. This is because the aperture of a lens is basical
What is another word for aperture?
An aperture is also called an F-stop. Aperture is a topic that is related to optics. Aperture is simply a hole through which the light enters a chamber. This opening or a hole is widely used in cameras and other optical instruments such as a light mi