Death At A Funeral Quizzes & Trivia

Funerals are, of course, very sad and solemn affairs, but let's face it sometimes they can be hilariously funny as well, as smash hit comedy film Death At A Funeral shows. The 2010 film made in the United States was itself a remake of a British film of three years earlier. It tells the story of how a funeral can go horribly and uproariously wrong. This movie probably had tears of laughter running down your face, so why not try one of our Death At A Funeral quizzes?

Which Game Of Thrones star is the only actor to appear in both the UK and US versions of the movie? What relation are Aaron and Ryan to the deceased? How does Uncle Russell end the movie? I hope you don't find these questions dead hard.

Sit back, relax and have fun with this Death At A Funeral (2007) quiz

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  • Sample Question
    What does the mysterious guest in the 2007 movie "Death at a Funeral" do to Daniel?

Death at a funeral is a black American comedy movie which narrates the story of young men who are striving hard to make their father's funeral a colorful one. Two children of the late are authors of novel in which one has...

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  • Sample Question
    Who is Aaron to Ryan?