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If you love mysteries then you will love the book Clue. This book is not just a single book, but rather, eighteen children’s books which have focused on the board game with the same name and been published throughout the 1990’s. The books all involve miniature mysteries which the reader has to try and solve as they are reading. The books involve different crimes that have been committed by one of the main character’s closest friends.

This series is one that has generated a great deal of success throughout the years and continues to do so as it has been converted into films, television programs, and board games. Clue is quite a compelling book series. If you are a big fan of this book and you think that you know everything there is to know about it then you should complete one of our many quizzes today on the subject. 

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Clue Questions and Answers

  • If you could have any job what would it be?

  • What is your favorite room on CLUE?

  • What weapon would you most likely want to have?

  • We could tell by the rotten smell, that something putrid was in our trash can. In this sentence, the word putrid means
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  • We should be careful not to ostracize those who are different from us. It is much better for all if we are welcoming to everyone. In this sentence, the word ostracize means
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  • The man who lives next door spoke brusquely to the young children, unlike his wife who is always polite. In this sentence, the word brusquely means
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  • How many books are in the series?

  • What is the book based on?

  • In whose home do the crimes take place?

  • what are you like
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  • what would you do all day
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  • what would you eat
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