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Round and round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows! Actually, we do... Next stop, geometry quizzes! One of the most basic shapes we know since childhood is the "circle". In geometry though, the circle has a lot of properties and equations associated with it. Are you in shape to answer our quizzes on circles? First, why don't you try out some terminologies involving circles.

Arc, center, diameter, radius; are you any good at this "sector"? How about some problems on area and circumference? Do you think you can make it around these questions? We have questions on different properties and theorems too. Stop going in circles and check out our quizzes. Worrying too much, are you? Relax and get on with the quizzes. We promise, it's going to be as easy as "pi"!
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Answer each question to the best of your ability. Good Luck!

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  • Sample Question
    Find the Circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for

Yes, the circle has parts! A circle may seem the same at all points but the quiz below will enlighten you on identifying the parts of a circle. It is a challenge worth a shot. Enjoy the discovery!

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is a chord, but not a diameter?

Take this quiz and choose the correct answers to the following questions on circles logic. And learn more about this maths parts quiz. All the best!

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    What do you call a line that connects 2 points on the circumference, that is not a diameter?

Hi, you must take this quiz to access you understanding on equation of circle. Good Luck:>

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  • Sample Question
    Find the equation of the circle with centre (-1, 2) and radius = 2 units.

Time: 30 Minute

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    The distance of a chord 8 cm from the center of a circle of a circle of radius 5 cm is:

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Circle Questions & Answers

What is the circumference of the circle below?
The circumference is the measurement of a circle. There are different reasons why you may need to calculate the circumference of a circle in real life. If you wanted to know the area of a pizza besides knowing that it is small, medium or large, also,
What is the length CD if AB = 10 cm? Give two concentric circles with center O. A line cut the circles at A, B, C, D, respectively.
Perpendicular drawn from centre of chord bisects the chord hence am = mdalso bm=mcsubtractingab=cdhence cd=10cm
Given that A = ( -2, 0) and B = (4, 8) and the line segment AB is the diameter of the circle. Find the equation of the circle.