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You may have heard about Christian Slater before. He has become more recognizable because of his role as J.D Dean. He started his career very young. He used to act in the show One Life to Live, and he was only eight years old at that time. He started to show that he is right in what he does, and it became apparent through the roles that he plays.

He is also known to be an outstanding voice actor, and he made a lot of characters come to life because of the way that he used his voice. Just how much do you know about Christian Slater and the various things that he can do? For films, he became popular after doing The Legend of Billie Jean. Answering some online quizzes about this actor can be fun and exciting for you.

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    What is the agenda for which Slater appeared in an educational video on behalf of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 charity?

Christian Slater is an American actor who starred in many big budget movies. His rich career is growning every day. Do you know anything about this spectacular actor ?  Let's find out, shall we ?

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Christian Slater has had a prestigious career. He started acting very young and has nothing to envy to the likes of Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, who are all actors who have had long and brilliant careers. But what do...

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    How old was he when he started acting?