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An Indigo Child is someone who possesses special and unusual traits or abilities. Do you think you are one of the same? Take this quiz and find out if you are an indigo child.

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The type of environment that kids grow up in has a lot to do with what they grow up to be in society. Early child development teachers get to take the first hand in teaching kids and help them grow. As a teacher, see how much you...

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This is the quiz to let you know if the baby your pregnant with,will be good looking because thats the big question. your baby means the most,but noone wants an ugly baby so find out here.when you find out youll either jump up an...

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There is a theory that the middle child doesn't get by so well in the family. It's common for people to say that the firstborn and the youngest get all the attention. They even came up with a name "Middle child...

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This Quiz is to show is you really know your facts about the film Wild Child. Good Luck!

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Child molestation is a major vice that most people in the world frown upon and those associated with it are cast out of their communities. Do you think that you may have high chances of becoming a child molester in the...

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This quiz will serve to assess your knowledge about the course work we completed in the week of January 8-12, 2012. It will cover the topics of Family Functions and Family Types

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A practice exam for the book Infants and Children by Laura E. Berk. covers Chapter 2-4.

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Children aged 5 to 8 will love this quiz. it covers a wide range of childrens interests including tv,geography,genaral knowledge etc.... ENJOY!!!!!!!

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Kids are often misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders, when the true cause of their poor academic performance can be due to a functional vision problem. This short quiz was developed by a team of optometrists to determine if your...

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So, you know some of the characteristics and traits of a gifted child? It is a known fact that if you get to know what your child is super good at you stand a chance of saving them and helping them grow their skills for future...

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Children have and always will be the wave of the future – they are the ones that will keep our world thriving after we’re gone, and their lives will be filled with fulfilling memories and experiences all because we...

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In some countries war has been something of the norm and people are trained to be soldiers from tender ages and some even don’t get to be 20 years old or raise families. How much do you know about the existing child...

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Find out how money savvy your child is with this Kids Money IQ Score Quiz.

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Find out what your first child will look and whether it is a boy or girl!!!!!

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Would you like to know if you are an indigo child? Let's check it out!

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Would you like to know if you are an indigo child? Let's check it out!

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It's a quiz about the Child Stars.

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