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Do you love basketball? If yes, then you probably know a great deal about the Chicago Bulls. Their bright red team jerseys and their bull mascot are not the only reason this team is so well known. It is the Chicago Bulls who are quite famous for having appeared in an NBA finals six times, and winning all six of the games in which they played. One of their stars is Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is among one of the most popular players in basketball history, holding the record for the most points ever scored in playoff games. In total, he scored just under six thousand points during playoff games, a record to this day. He retired in 1999 but he returned to NBA in 2001. See how well you can do by taking one of our myriad quizzes today. 

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    Ben Gordon was the first in NBA history to win what award as a rookie?

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    What college did Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls attend?

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    Who did the Chicago Bulls beat in the 1996-97 NBA Championships?