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Certified Credit Professional is a designated award to professional credit managers: People who assist with credit management, help to keep people/companies afloat, and ultimately prevent bankruptcy. 

Tackle questions like: “In what year was The Credit Institute of Canada founded?”, “What is the CIC?”, “What is the minimum requirement in years in terms of work experience for this position?”, “What are short modules?”, and “What type of institution is the CIC in terms of profit?”. Don’t let this test drain out your fun or credit score.

This test is for everyone to attempt. But if you are specially interested in CCP award and are looking for information about the same, you are at the right place. Check out our quizzes! 

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This is a quiz that'll show how popular and cute you're! Good luck!

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    Are you shy or vigorous?

This test is for module 1 of the "Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation" exam for the Certified Compensation Professional Exam (CCP).

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    What are the two elements of compensation?

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The name says it all, folks. This quiz on the Certified Credit Professional - Canadian designation awarded to those in credit management - is impossible to beat! Do you reckon you can beat the unbeatable quiz? Answer all the...

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This test is for module 2 of the "Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation" exam for the Certified Compensation Professional Exam (CCP).

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    Job analysis can be best described as _________?

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CCP Questions & Answers

How can job analysis be best described as?
A systematic process for obtaining important and relevant information about each distinct role played by one or more employees. This includes duties and responsibilities, and worker characteristics.
What are THREE reasons to perform job analysis?
To develop a job worth hierarchy To document work methods and processes for training purposes To provide a basis for performance appraisal based on job-related standards
Analysts are important in the job analysis process because ____________.
They can provide a more objective and consistent approach to analyzing job content