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Michael Curtiz brings us the best of romance in Casablanca. This tremendously successful movie was based on an unproduced stage play named Everybody comes to Rick’s. Starring the vivacious Ingrid Bergman and the elegant Humphrey Bogart, this American romance is set in World War II and narrates the tale of difficult choices.
Did you know that the entire cast and crew of the movie had no hopes of it making an impact, at all? Would you be interested in knowing how many sets were utilized during the making of this film? Take a plunge in our captivating quizzes and test your skills at the historic dialogues and iconic soundtrack of this movie, making it one of the greatest films of all times.
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How hard is this quiz? Well, none of us at Independent Lens has gotten every question right, and we've got our share of scholars and cinema geeks. Go ahead, see if you can impress yourself and your friends.

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    This film was shot in three weeks, and the director gradually used longer and longer focal lengths to create a feeling of claustrophobia by the climax.

Quiz on Film

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    Where did Rick and Ilsa first meet and fall in love?

Casablanca focuses on an expatriate who must choose between his love for a woman and helping her husband. It was an A-list film with established stars and first-rate writers. Do you know Casablanca? Take our quiz to prove your...

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    Who directed Casablanca?

Cedar Sinai Park Casablanca Quiz!Get ready for "As Time Goes By" event by brushing up on your movie trivia! 

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    Many of the actors who played the Nazis in Casablanca were actually...