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  • What is the difference between Call and Put?
    What is the difference between Call and Put?
    Call and put are two of the terms that are normally used in the stock market. Those who have always done their share of stock market investing may be familiar with these terms. The call option will make sure that you can buy some stocks while the put option will allow you to sell stocks. For example, you may see some shares that are being sold at a low price right now. You know that its price is expected to rise in the future. This will allow you to call and get the stocks that you want. When the price is already high enough for you, you can put the stocks so you can sell them for the price that you want.

  • What is the goal of the follow-up call?
    What is the goal of the follow-up call?
    Identify more needs, create value and schedule a visit.It the prospect hasnt moved it is because they havent seen the value yet. The goal of the follow-up call is to ask questions and identify more needs in order to needs match and create value.

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