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CADET Exam Questions and Answers

  • Which aiguillette is only authorized to be worn on the right shoulder?

  • Which one of the following awards is awarded to one cadet in each year group with the highest overall academic achievement (GPA) in school, including all naval science courses?

  • What does the Service Star represent when worn on the cadet uniform?

  • The command of execution for Right Oblique, MARCH is given as the ________ foot strikes the deck, and the command of execution for  Forward, March to resume marching in the original direction will given as the ____ foot strikes the deck.

  • What is the name of the ship on the NJROTC sholder patch?

  • If the platoon executes a right step, the platoon commander, who is facing the platoon, would execute a ___________ in cadence with the platoon.

  • On what command does the cadet turn the scabbard 180 degrees, draw the sword about six inches with their arm parallel to the deck
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  • On this command, the cadet will pull the sword fully out of the scabbard, pointing it 45 degrees forward then brings in down to their side in the verticle position
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  • Name the parts of the sword
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  • _____A cadet seaman recruit can expect, when qualified, to be advanced to
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  • When is the proper time to go to the position of attention?
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  • .Describe the appearance of the cadet seaman apprentice rank
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