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CADET Exam Questions and Answers

  • On what command does the cadet turn the scabbard 180 degrees, draw the sword about six inches with their arm parallel to the deck
    Cadet exam question from

  • On this command, the cadet will pull the sword fully out of the scabbard, pointing it 45 degrees forward then brings in down to their side in the verticle position
    Cadet exam question from

  • Name the parts of the sword
    Cadet exam question from

  • How many steps per minute are being performed at double time?

  • The flat part of the spearhead of a guidon should always face

  • What is the Guidon?

  • _____A cadet seaman recruit can expect, when qualified, to be advanced to
    Cadet exam question from

  • When is the proper time to go to the position of attention?
    Cadet exam question from

  • .Describe the appearance of the cadet seaman apprentice rank
    Cadet exam question from

  • The uniform your senior naval science instructor (SNSI) directs you to wear on any given day is known as the
    Cadet exam question from

  • Who is the only person who can approve modifications to cadets' uniforms?
    Cadet exam question from

  • What articles/items may be worn exposed when in uniform?
    Cadet exam question from

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