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The creator of “The View” was also the first woman to ever have the title “co-host” on a network news show (“The Today Show”, 1974). A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Barbara Walters was a pioneer in news and her persistence in “getting the scoop” led to many famous interviews, including that of Fidel Castro in 1977. Walters always asked the important questions but the real question is whether you have right answers.

What presidential debate did Walters moderate in 1976? In 1955, what CBS show did she start writing for? How many people watched Walters interview Monica Lewinsky in 1999? Get your answers straight before taking our quizzes, despite what kind of tree you think you would be.

Barbara Walters made our days for the last couple of decades. This charming lady is a true TV personality. Camera loves her and so do people. How much do you know about her ? 

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Answer this quiz is all about Barbara Walters!!!

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    When was Barbara Walters inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame?

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