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Recent decades have seen a string of comedies about frat boys at American colleges trying to have fun and become a hit with girls, but when you want to enjoy the very best of this genre there's only one place to go: John Landis's Animal House. The legendary actors appearing, including John Belushi and Donald Sutherland, are just one sign that you're watching a movie that delivers quality as well as a barrel load of laughs. If this great comedy marked a turning point in your life, you should see how you score at our Animal House quizzes.

Which magazine was behind the Animal House movie? Which college do the heroes attend? What position did it reach in Bravo's list of hundred funniest movies? Get all the questions right and go to the top of the class.

It's time to answer some cool questions about Animal House (1978) movie!

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    Which Omega house member in "Animal House" switched the mimeograph of the psychology test?

Are you a Animal House (1978) film buff? Play this quiz now

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    In "Animal House", according to Dean Wormer, what happens every spring at Faber thanks to Delta House?

This 1978 movie was based off a group of misfits challenging the authority of the dean of their college. It is certainly one of the most memorable classic comedies of our time and it is mostly due to the cast and its performance....

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    What time do you normally wake up in the morning?