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Andy Murray is a Scottish tennis player who is considered the fourth bet ranked star in the world. He turned professional in 2005 and currently resides in London. This star is considered the fifth highest earner in the field with prize money totaling over thirty five million dollars.

He has beat many of the top names in tennis and was considered the top British tennis player since 2006, currently maintaining that record. Do you know what he became the first British singles champion in the last 100 years or where he was born in 1987? You can put what you know to the test when you complete one of our multiple quizzes online and see just how much you can recall!
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Sir Andrew Barron Murray is a British professional tennis player from Scotland currently ranked No. 382 in men's singles as of 27 August 2018. He has won trophy after trophy and millions of fans. Do you think you are his...

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    Like Madonna, tennis star Andy Murray enjoys what form of meditative exercise?

YES! He's finally bloody done it! He's won a Grand Slam! After Olympic gold and the US Open, 2012 is definitely the year that Murray made his mark. But how much do you know about the Scottish star?

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    Oh, it could have all been so different... which football club offered Murray a place at their school of excellence when he was 15?

Andy Murray is a Tennis player who's extremely swift on his feet and smart too. Due to the man's accomplishment, I dedicate these set of questions to him (and you too of course).

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    Which one do you like?

Avid fans of the sport of tennis often find themselves having to choose between Federer and Murray. Each fan of the sport must determine where their allegiance stands. To help you decided where you stand, the following quiz will...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 90   |  Last updated: Apr 10, 2017
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    What is the lead that Federer has over Murray in regards to official Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) matches?