Andy Kaufman Quizzes & Trivia

Younger visitors to our quizzing realm probably won’t have heard of Andy Kaufman, but older visitors who recall Andy’s Funhouse and Taxi sure will! Born in 1949 and unfortunately passing away in 1984, aged just 35, Kaufman was a popular all-round entertainer, with comedy, acting and even professional wrestling credits to his name.

Though not a traditional stand-up or comedian, Kaufman’s roots were surely in making people laugh - but he did seek the respect of his peers for his original material and unique performance style. There was only one Andy Kaufman! If you’ve found these quizzes, it’s likely you knew all this already – but we’re sure there’ll be plenty more challenging questions in the trivia sections below! Think you could tell us where Andy was born? Can you name three of his most famous Saturday Night Live sketches? What was the first theatrical movie he appeared in? Get quizzing and prove your knowledge right now!

Interesting quiz questions on the late Andy Kaufman - American actor and entertainer.

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  • Sample Question
    Andy Kaufman played which loveable character on the hit TV show "Taxi"?

Andy Kaufman was so many things: an actor, writer, comedian, a professional wrestler, and most importantly- an entertainer! This spectacular artist will never be forgotten, and his jokes will remain funny forever. So, do you know...

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    Kaufman did many things, but he never considered himself as a....?