An Inconvenient Truth Quizzes & Trivia

You might wonder and ask if global warming is truly happening. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Global warming is real. It is happening today. In the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” people are being educated about the effects of global warming through a series of slide shows presented by Vice President Al Gore. Can you still recall the facts discussed in this very famous documentary movie? What was the name of the astrophysicist compared the thickness of a globe's coat of varnish to the Earth's atmosphere? What are the three factors that affect the Earth and its ultimate survival?

Global Warming; Global Warning. It’s about time to be sensitive with what’s happening around you! Check out our quizzes, and you might learn another thing or two about global warming! “What we take for granted might not be here for our children.” We sure do hope our quizzes aren’t among them.

Ten multiple choice questions pertaining to the film.

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  • Sample Question
    The last Apollo 17 mission took place Dec. 11, 1972? What event began shortly after this mission?

An Inconvenient Truth Documentary is about global warming. It focuses on former United States President Al Gore and his goal to publicize the effects of global warming in the form of slideshows. He has made the presentations more...

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  • Sample Question
    When was the documentary released?

An Inconvenient Truth is an American documentary film that focuses on educating the citizens about Global warming. The documentary was about the former United States vice-president Al Gore. In his presentation through a...

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    The documentary, An Inconvenient Truth is mainly about what?