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Saturday Night live wouldn’t be the same without Amy Poehler. She has left her mark on the movie industry through her humor; and her jokes have made her a favorite of comedy movie directors. She has starred besides Saturday Night Live in some very high rated movies in Hollywood. Do you know which ones? Have a look at the samples questions we prepared for you then.

For how many seasons has Amy Poehler starred in the show “Parks and recreation”? In what year did Amy Poehler appear on Saturday Night Live for the first time? What was the name of the character she played in the movie Mean Girls? Find all the right answers and finish our Amy Poehler quizzes.

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  • Sample Question
    How did Amy and Tina Fey meet?

Amy Poehler is an American actress and comedian who is known for her role in Saturday Night Live. If you think you know her so well, take the quiz and challenge your brain.

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  • Sample Question
    Amy is known for her petite figure. How tall is she?

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