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Many movies have given us a glimpse into the lives of some of history’s most famous figures – and this film is certainly no different. In Amadeus, we’re afforded an insight into the world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – told from the unique point of view of his secret rival, who is now hidden away in an insane asylum.
Sounds like a recipe for a great movie? You’re right! If you’d consider yourself a huge fan of the movie, why not test your intellect in our challenging quizzes? In what year did the film win the Oscar for Best Picture – and who presented the award? Who went on to play the role of Mozart on Broadway? Who is the young boy that Mozart smiles at in the party scene? Cast aside your concertos and get quizzing to see if you can beat the high score!

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Amadeus Questions and Answers

  • The man in the film who was thought to be the murderer of Mozart was...
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  • Where does Mozart take his Father when he comes to visit him for the first time in the film?
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  • What game is played at the party?
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  • What year was this film produced and aired?

  • Where was this film adapted from?

  • Where does the story take place?

  • What year was an Academy Award given to "Amadeus" for best picture?
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  • In "Amadeus", how did Mozart propose to his wife?
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  • What two actors were in the film "Amadeus"?
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