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  • Why did Qabil kill Habil?
    Why did Qabil kill Habil?
    He did not think his wife was prettyQabil did not think the wife he was given was a beautiful as the one given to his brother Habil. He killed Habil to prevent him from marrying the one he wanted.

  • Can you explain what Allah did to Ibliis and what Ibliis asked in return?
    Can you explain what Allah did to Ibliis and what Ibliis asked in return?
    Ibliis was banished to Hell for all eternity. He in return asked Allah if he could be on the Earth until Judgement Day to bring as many people to Hell with him as possible. He wanted to cause trouble for the people. Allah agreed to let him try and change as many as he could.

  • Ibliis refused to do Sajud for Adam because __________.
    Ibliis refused to do Sajud for Adam because __________.
    He thought that since he was from fire and Adam from clay, he was better. He was made from fire and Adam was clay. He thought fire was better than clay. He thought he was better because he was made of fire. He figured fire was better than clay.He thought that since he was made of fire and Adam of clay, he was better than him. So he refused to do it.

  • Which sentence is correct & why?
    Which sentence is correct & why?
    John s hoping to meet her again soon.

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