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  • What time does Melina wake up everyday?
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  • What does she do first?
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  • What does she eat for breakfast?
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  • Beth introduces Alicia to Ali. Alicia says, It's nice to met you. What does Ali say?
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  • What does Alicia offer Beth and Ali?
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  • Ali asks Alicia, Why do you want to sit in front of a computer screen? Why does he ask this?
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  • Tick four points from your Action List

  • Which two of the below outline the purpose of the Business Blueprint?

  • How do I Order my free marketing package?

  • What is the purpose of our Affirmative Action Plan?

  • The Bank is required to make reasonable accommodations.

  • The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 defines what constitutes a disabled individual and includes language about Major Life Activities. What is considered a major life activity?