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Special Abilities are those things we can do seemingly without any training or instruction.  In religious circles, these are often referred to as Spiritual Gifts. In general, these abilities are innate and require no...

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    Please select the one that fits you best.

In the hospital there is need for the equipment and facilities being used, to be kept clean and sterile to prevent infections of patients and workers. A CSSD head ensures that all measures put in place are followed. Are you...

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    What is the full form of SAL?

Social sensitivity is understood to be the ability of a person to analyse, examine, understand and respect the opinion of others. This can be learned properly over a period of time. Do you consider yourself a socially sensitive...

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    When was emotional intelligence first discussed in a book?

Please answer these 10 questions to the best of your ability, if you get 8 or less correct, try it again.

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    I will get in trouble for calling 911 if I have been drinking and am under 21.

Teach Ability Index

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    The more coach-able/teachable I am, with the right mentor, the better my chances of being successful.

Ability Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pride and Self-esteem?
One of the beautiful things about human beings is the ability to create a particular self-worth for themselves. People's approach towards having a particular self-worth is what usually leads to pride and self-esteem. Self-esteem simply means when som
What is a transferable skill?
C. A transferable skill is a skill that is learned in one environment, such as an academic environment, and then transferred to a different environment, such as a professional environment.