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What is their adjusted maximum dive time for the third dive? A buddy team in a NAUI Master Scuba Diver Course makes an ocean dive to 95 feet for 20 minutes. After a surface interval of 2 hours and...
The answer to this question is B. It should be remembered that diving is going to be fun for a lot of people especially for new divers but it is dangerous for people to do repetitive dives. People are always recommended to rest first before diving ag
How many cubes are needed to construct this solid? The front, side, and top view of a solid built with cubes are shown below. 
8 is the correct answer. Based on the given diagram above, the figure has five cubes in its front view. We can automatically count five cubes to be added to get the total number of cubes of the diagram. Next is the side view where there are six cubes
Which website citation is correct for APA style?(Although it should be, the website title is not in italics.)
Smithsonian Latino Center. (n.d.). Day of the Dead: Dia de los Muertos. Retrieved from http://latino.si.edu/dayofthedeadChoice A: There is no date of publication listed. Choice B: This is the MLA citation for a web page. Choice C: There is no URL