Top 3 Reasons Why Teachers Trust the Online Examination System


It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that online test makers have revolutionized how teachers develop and grade tests and track the results. Gone are the days of teachers having to grade each quiz and test by hand and then painstakingly record the results in grade books. Gone as well is the need to set up complicated spreadsheets to properly keep track of each student’s progress over the course of the semester and calculate final grades. Today, everything from writing and distributing exams to grading them and assessing the results can be done using a simple online tool. There are many reasons teachers like using an online examination system—here are the top three.

There is no learning curve

There are more educational technologies and apps out there these days than most teachers know what to do with, and they each have their own learning curve, which can occasionally be steep. For many teachers, this barrage of technologies can be pretty exhausting.

But creating quizzes and tests using an online test maker is easy from the start. You don’t have to download software or know how to code in HTML (or any other language for that matter!). Because the tools are designed to be intuitive for the user, nothing more than a basic familiarity with computers is required to start creating attractive and high-quality assessments. It’s easy and it’s effective—what more could you ask?

How to Use Online Quiz Maker for Teachers

It saves a ton of time and effort

An online test maker can save you time at every step of the way. It’s simple to create a wide variety of questions, which can then be stored in a question bank and used and reused as necessary. So, rather than having to write a new exam for each instance of a course, you can create exams instantly by selecting appropriate items from your existing question bank. And the availability of pre-existing design templates means that you can customize your assessments to look however you’d like, without having to spend hours fiddling with fonts or being an expert in graphic design.

The time savings doesn’t stop there, however. The automatic grading feature means teachers no longer need to spend their precious after school time grading, checking, and rechecking exams and providing feedback to each student individually — it can all be done within the software system. You can even use the system to create and deliver digital completion certificates to learners who score a passing grade on your assessments.

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It’s secure

Especially in online courses, security can be a major concern. There are two aspects of security for online tests: first, the security of the test itself (to prevent cheating), and second, the security of the data collected by the system (for confidentiality).

In terms of the test itself, online examination systems have several features to help prevent cheating. You can create multiple versions of tests, randomize the order of the questions, shuffle the order of the answers, and more, all with a few simple clicks. In terms of user data, the online software applications have a variety of security features, including password protection, privacy controls, and more. So, when you use an online examination system, you can be confident that both your assessments and the data they generate are safe.

Surely, there are many ways you’d rather spend your evenings than writing and grading quizzes and tests. If you haven’t yet started using an online examination system, now is the time. The software is flexible, powerful, and easy to use, and best of all it’s free. Start exploring your options for online assessment tools today—once you start using them, you’ll never go back.

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