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Special Education Quizzes & Trivia
People often look down or disdainfully on schools that deal with special needs. Are you one of those, or do you know better? Either way, I think it's time to test that! These quizzes deal with the hardships that teachers, parents and children go through when they attend a special school.

Answer questions about teaching manners. Have a look at the section on exams and quizzes. Think deeply about those that use the logical parts of their brains to the determent of their emotional sides.

Think you know about special education? Think you can compete with those that have lived it? Maybe, maybe not. There's only one way to find out...and that's on an even playing field. May the best man win!

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Special Education Questions

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  • Ms. Smith stops the class after just a few minutes of mathematics instruction, which is taking place at the board. She asks two questions requiring simple student responses on 3 x 5 cards and after qu...
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  • Suzy is a student with severe learning disabilities. Which of the following placements is most likely to be the Least Restrictive Envir...

  • A fifth grader has diabetes and manages her illness through insulin injections. Which of the following symptoms should indicate to a teacher that this student may be experiencing insulin shock?
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  • What does the acronym IEP mean?
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  • John has recently been in a fight with another student in school. The school's policy calls for suspension from school when a stude...

  • Which of the following behaviors demonstrated by a two-year-old child would be the clearest indicator that the motor development of that child may be impaired?
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  • Mr. Guest has a new paraprofessional in his classroom. How can the paraprofessional best prepare to perform her duties? ...

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