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People often look down or disdainfully on schools that deal with special needs. Are you one of those, or do you know better? Either way, I think it's time to test that! These quizzes deal with the hardships that teachers, parents and children go through when they attend a special school.

Answer questions about teaching manners. Have a look at the section on exams and quizzes. Think deeply about those that use the logical parts of their brains to the determent of their emotional sides.

Think you know about special education? Think you can compete with those that have lived it? Maybe, maybe not. There's only one way to find out...and that's on an even playing field. May the best man win!

Special Education Questions

  • This is an example of:
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  • If administration plans to suspend a student with a disability who has already been suspended more than ten cumulative school days within the school year, it must first consider whether or not the cum...
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  • What does the acronym IEP mean?
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  • This is a picture of:
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  • Billy, from the previous question, wants to remain involved in team sports. Does the school have to honor his wishes?
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  • Miss Jones is a 6th grade math teacher. She will be teaching 2 co-taught inclusion classes this semester. Where should she look for information on how to provide an "appropriate" education for her...
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  • Billy was the captain of the varsity football team. Two months into the school year, he and his buddies got into a bad car accident, and he was paralyzed from the waist down. When he returned to s...
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  • A student receiving services via an IEP receives the exact disciplinary consequences as a student not receiving services?
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  • Can a student with a disability be suspended longer than a student without a disability for the same or similar behavior?
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Lesson for sepcial education.
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Choose the appropriate answer that corresponds to the given question.
This quiz is to test the special education law knowledge of students taking edms 6115.
Answers to some of the most common and confusing questions of special education.
The quiz is designed to help affirm the concepts discussed in this blog. please take some time to complete the quiz as t...
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