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Turn Questions and Answers

  • You are dating someone.
    Turn question from

  • The name of the person you are dating is...
    Turn question from

  • Over the course of this semester, you have sacrificed your sleep, physical comfort, acuity, health, cleanliness, sanity, bed, time, and skin to spend time with aforementioned girlfriend.
    Turn question from

  • are you a

  • what is your favorite color

  • do you do karate

  • Ur best friend tells you who they like and the person is someone everyone likes!  You...

  • You have to answer a survey that has a question: what do you wanna be when you get older?1. The person you look up to said they wanted to be a doctor2. The person you look up to is a doctor already. Everyone else chooses doctor also because they think that is a good choice, and the rest just went with the flow. You...

  • Theres a new kid in school...except he smells bad and is a huge nerd! You....

  • This hand signal indicates:
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  • This hand signal indicates:
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  • This hand signal indicates:
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