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  • . पेज लेआउट टैब में मार्जन ओरियेन्टेशन और स्पेसिंग प्रॉपर्टीज शामिल होते है |
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  • . स्लाइड लेआउट, एक स्लाइड पर टेक्स्ट, तस्वीरों, टेबल, चार्ट और फिल्म जैसे एलिमेंटस की व्यवस्था को प्रदर्शित करता है |
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  • . फाइल को खोलने, सेव करने, प्रिंट करने और बंद करने के निर्देश एडिट मेनू में होते हैं |
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  • If you were being attacked by a demon, what weapon would you use?

  • During an assigned assassination, how would you execute it?

  • When your leader tells you to kill a fellow Sister from her wrong actions, would you do it?

  • Behind the camera this kapamilya member is really approachable to his friends as well as his workmates IF you only have the heart to accept him of all he is prove that you are a real friend and he will give the same kindness in return, sometimes he gives unexpected surprises especially if you are such a great friend to him. The same thing with dealing with people who does not respect him, he might give back a worst grudge. He can be you greatest friend but he can also be your worst enemy. He can be very funny at unexpected time but rgood timing behind the camera he is somewhat like the Robin Williams tho he isn't a comedian but he can be your clown when you're sad. 

  • Behind the camera this kapamilya is a quiet person. You would mostly look for this guy on weekends for Kapamilya especially when outing this man would prefer to be with his love ones or invite a special person with him if he can't you would see keeping in touch with them.This man is mistaken as gay in front of the camera because of people who misjudged him but this is a manly man, who knows how to keep a woman and ones he is in a relation he never would look at another one he is a dream partner in real life. 

  • Kris Aquino's younger version

  • Who wore the Ramones T-shirt first?

  • What did Harry give Taylor Swift as a present, which she then posted a picture of on Twitter?

  • What is Perrie's current (December 2012) hair color?